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A Few Good Vegetarian Restaurants on Guam January 10, 2012

Tumon: (located in Tumon on the road next to the beaches with all the hotels) Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant is one of the best spots on Guam for vegetarian and vegan burritos. You are given a choice between either a vegetarian (which includes sour cream) and a vegan (which includes a special sauce made of no milk products). They also use a herb that is not cilantro, tastes exactly like cilantro but high in all essential vitamins. The vegan burrito has to be the best burrito found on Guam so if you are a vegetarian, look for this on their menu. Moderately priced and worth every penny!

Dededo: Healthy Hearts completely vegetarian and vegan menu. Only opened for lunch but conveniently now has a small counter with wrapped sandwiches, salads, snacks and deserts for all day appetites. Their pies and cookies are completely vegetarian and more often vegan. Just ask Cheri, the owner, if you are vegan.

Dededo: Lee’s Garden predominately a regular Chinese restaurant, but most everything on the menu can have tofu substituted. You will have to tell the waitress that you would like your dish made with tofu instead. I always tell them to leave out the MSG. If you do not like garlic mixed in the dishes, let the waitress know that as well. They also have another restaurant called Lee’s Garden II located in Agat across the street from a hotel. I think this is better than the one in Dededo. The chef at this restaurant cooks the best American Chinese dishes with tofu. You will have to tell the waitress at this restaurant also that you would like tofu instead of meat in your dishes.

Dededo: Fortune Cookie has a dedicated vegan, vegetarian menu. (Please tell the waitress if you do not want fish sauce in the dish since some people have said they have forgotten and added it. Better safe than sorry if you are a vegan.) This is a Thai/Chinese restaurant. It is owned by a vegetarian. The tofu is purchased from the lady who makes homemade tofu at the Dededo flea market opened on Saturdays and Sundays, and is the best tofu on island. (The Dededo flea market is located across the street from the Fortune Cookie.) The prices are a little high but worth it since the tofu is so good. All their curry dishes are priced from $12-15 per dish. The non curry dishes are priced around $10 per dish.

Tamuning: Marianas Trench Thai restaurant with almost everything on the menu available with tofu. (Please let the waitress know if you do not want fish sauce included in the sauces.) Opened for lunch and dinner. Owned by a Thai Buddhist.

Hagatna: E-cafe A Chinese restaurant which has a vegetarian menu available. It is located in the corner of a strip of restaurants across the street from the Chamorro village. I have not been, but friends have told me that they have a vegetarian menu that is very good and that the owner is a Buddhist.

Hagatna: SDA, Simply Food Strictly vegetarian and often referred to as just SDA on island. It stands for Seventh-Day Adventist. The restaurant is located inside their store, a small distance from the Naval Hospital. They only have a lunch menu and change it each day. They create all vegan smoothies, along with herbal teas and also serve a shot of wheat grass if you’re interested. You can also stock up on snacks like chips, candies, cereals, soy milk, and tofu products to eat at home later.

You can also check the Guam Vegan blog for a few more restaurants that I have not tried:


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