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Dec. 11: Amitabha’s Birthday and Heart Sutra Copying December 6, 2011

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Amitofo everyone!
From 10:00-16:30, 12/11, Sunday is the Amitabha’s Birthday Celebration, Sutra Chanting Service and transcribing the “One Million Heart Sutras.” We welcome everyone to attend and complete their Heart Sutra for inclusion in the belly of the Buddha in Taiwan.

If you have never experienced calligraphy, this is the morning to attend. All supplies are furnished and a contribution/donation of $35 through whatever amount you can give is suggested. Please remember that you do not need to be an artist to complete the Heart Sutra calligraphy, all you need to do is connect your heart to the brush/pen. People who have never held a brush/pen come away with a complete appreciation and love for Chinese calligraphy after attempting and completing just this one sutra. It is within the imperfection that the perfection is always found and that cannot be without the heart.

Come enjoy a morning of meditation through calligraphy and sutra chanting, relax and celebrate Amitabha’s birthday with everyone.


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