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10/23 & 10/30: Medicine Buddha October 13, 2011

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Medicine Buddha Dharma Service

Dear Dharma Friends:
This year Fo Guang Shan Guam Buddhist Center has scheduled a Dharma Service in celebration of the Medicine Buddha’s birthday on 10/23, and 10/30, 2011. The merit cultivated can serve as a bridge for us to connect with the Medicine Buddha. For this year’s Dharma Service, the merit will be dedicated to world peace and to bless our family with wisdom, joy, and peace.

Fo Guang Shan Guam Center
Date : 10/23、10/30, 2011 (Sundays)
Time : 10/23: 10:00AM ~ 12:30PM
Time: 10/30: 10:00AM – 16:30PM

Lamps Offerings, Medicine lamps, Glazed lamps

Guam Buddhism Society
For those who wish to participate in offering lamps or making a donation, please email to your request or mail, phone or go by the temple:
P.O.BOX 21027. GMF, GUAM 96921 Tel:(1-671)637-8678 Fax:(1-671) 637-4109


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