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Emperor Liang Repentance Service: Aug. 7 – Aug. 14 August 6, 2011

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Dear Guam Members,

This is one of our most important Dharma events of the year. The Emperor Liang Repentance Service is also called the Paying Respect to Our Parents Dharma Function. We are all sons or daughters of our parents and should be filial and grateful to them for giving us life and bringing us up. Buddha taught us to appreciate all causes and conditions and show appreciation and gratitude to our parents for without them we would not exist. Buddha also taught us to repent our past wrong doings and misdeeds toward our parents or elders. When we can sincerely repent and not offend again, we can turn over a “new leaf”, that is we can then begin a new life. Chanting for repentance is conducted daily for the entire seventh month in the lunar calendar. We had chosen the 7th to the 14th of August as our filial piety month.

The merits of chanting can be transferred to our deceased ancestors who might be suffering in hell or lower realms, or transferred to our living parents so that they may be more joyful, peaceful and prosperous. The final day of “Paying Respect to Our Parents” month is 15th August and a Dharma function will be held to commemorate this event. All are welcome to participate in this Dharma Function.

If you would like to have a plaque set up to transfer merit to your ancestors, please register at the front desk of the Temple.

Peace and happiness to you and your family
Dharma Function Schedule:
August 7: 9:30 AM ~ 6:00 PM
August 8 – August 12: 7:30 PM ~ 9:30 PM
August 13: 2:30 PM ~ 9:30 PM
August 14: 10:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM


  1. Large plaque $50
  2. Small plaque $20
  3. Other donations

Please make check payable to Guam Buddhism Society and give it to the receptionist at the front desk or mail it to: Fo Guang Shan Guam, 158 Boman St. Barrigada, GU 96913


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