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A Lil Ch’an: The Most Precious Gem of All July 26, 2011

Filed under: A lil Ch'an,Youth Workshop — memeandbojo @ 5:40 am

One day Seth was sitting next to Meme on the bus. It was a long ride and he was bored of just looking out the window. He asked Meme to think of something to pass the time. He felt like the bus ride would never end.

Meme smiled and replied to her friend. Let me think of a riddle and you can figure out what it is:

“Some rarely think of me, while others attempt to measure me. Many have tried to hold on to me but simply cannot, and oh! How they miss me when I have flown.”

Meme laughed as Seth tried to figure out the riddle, and finally Seth urged Meme to tell him the answer.

“It is easy once you know that no matter what we do, this second, this very moment in our lives, whether we see it as mundane, uneventful or exciting and completely wonderful, it will not come again, and it is our precious and most priceless gem.”

Seth then yelled, “Time!” and smiled back at Meme.


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