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Meditation Class II begins this Saturday! June 29, 2011

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Meditation class at the temple begins promptly at 10am on Saturdays. The second session of meditation class will begin this Saturday and run for four weeks. If you have not attended before, please fill out the meditation registration form at the temple and turn it in when you arrive.

Arrive early and if you arrive late, please be aware that if the class has already begun and the door is closed that you should just plan to attend the next week since opening the door during a meditation that has started causes a disturbance with the other practitioners.

Last week, George substituted for the Venerable as the instructor. (If the Venerable cannot teach a class, due to a memorial service or an upcoming event, she arranges to have someone who is trained in meditation practice teach the class.) During this class session, a guided meditation using Master Venerable Hsing Yun’s contemplation on compassion was done.

I will share the contemplation with you. It is easy to do at home on your own as well.

This contemplation is recommended for people who suffer from sudden and unreasonable outbursts of anger that seem to have no real cause. Buddhists call this anger “unreasonable” or ” perverse” anger to distinguish it from other forms. The contemplation used to overcome unreasonable anger is done in steps:

  1. contemplates a loved one or someone whom one cares about and imagines them in a state of happiness.
  2. contemplates someone whom one feels neutral and imagines them in a state of happiness.
  3. contemplates someone whom one feels angry and imagines them in a state of happiness.
  4. lastly… contemplates all sentient beings and imagines them in a state of happiness.

This contemplation, as well as others, can be found in Master Hsing Yun’s book, Only a Great Rain. It reminds me of the “loving kindness prayer” and is one of my favorite contemplations.

Meditation robes are available for purchase from the gift shop and cost usually around fifty dollars. The women’s robes are long pants with a short sleeve top and come in two or three different styles so that you are comfortable during the meditation. These robes are used in the main temple’s meditation hall so if you plan on visiting, purchase your robes ahead of time.


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