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Local Honey on Guam! June 2, 2011

Filed under: Promoting Vegetarianism with Compassion — memeandbojo @ 9:32 pm

Local honey from bees in your immediate area has always provided an added immunity to most allergies, is a natural sweetener and a way to support your health and your local community so the first stop when coming to Guam and living in Guam is to eat honey produced and made on Guam.

Know your honey! The honey sometimes packaged in stores may journey completely around the world and may not have that much honey in it at all. Some companies even add corn syrup and/or water to the honey to make a more substantial profit and actually treat their beehives with pesticides and antibodies. This practice is completely unhealthy for you and the bees! Don’t buy your honey in the grocery aisle next to the syrup when you can buy it from a local beekeeper, visit his/her hives, and see the bees in action!

The local honey supplier for Guam is Bonnie Bee Honey, and completely pure and healthy for you. My personal favorite is their Banana honey. (This is not banana flavored but rather where the bees predominately pollinated the banana trees in the area and is a lighter honey with a wonderful taste.) They also have mango and another variety that is darker and stronger tasting honey.  You should try them all since they come in five dollar containers along with ten dollar containers. It is located on Marine Corp Drive at Guam Lock & Key in Anigua. You can call for  directions at 477-7571.

There is a recent article from the Stars & Stripes if you would like to read more about Bonnie Bee Honey in Guam.


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