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May 27: Relay For Life – American Cancer Society May 16, 2011

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Everyone is encouraged to participate in the Walk for Life marathon. It begins May 27th at 7pm and will end May 28th at 7am. It will be located at the George Washington High School walking track close to the University of Guam if you are unfamiliar.

Since there is not one of us who has not been touched by cancer in our lives, either a family member, a friend or ourselves, I think most everyone in Guam attends even just to walk one lap. Many people stay and walk the entire time lasting until 7am in the morning.

It is a memorable event since after the sun goes down, the lights are completely cut off so that everyone’s luminaries that they have prepared can shine out into the world. The luminaries are a dedication to those people who have lost their lives to cancer and it is one of the most powerful dedications that I have ever seen. If you have a family member, friend and loved one that has lost his/her life to cancer, please prepare a luminary to join in the dedication. The luminaries will be available at the marathon, but you can also pick up one ahead and decorate it. They are available at the American Cancer Society. The bags are $10 a piece and all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

Booths from most all organizations on the island will be along the track to provide water and snacks to everyone who attends and walks the marathon. Let us all walk together with assurance that in this lifetime there will be an end to cancer! For more information visit the American Cancer Society.


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