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New Year’s in April Celebrating Thai Songkran May 5, 2011

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(This was a passed event that happened in April, but I thought everyone would like to know that $3,000+ was collected from this event! Thank you to everyone who came, had fun and donated to help build the Thai temple.)

The Thai temple will be celebrating its New Year’s on Sunday, April 17, from 11am-4pm at Ypao Beach Park in Tumon. There will be lots of food and celebration. All donations from the sell of food and drink will be added to the fund to build the new Thai temple. Most foods will have meat but Spring will be providing a vegetarian dish for all those who are vegetarians, and I will be bringing my pesto noodle dish as well.

It is sure to be an afternoon of fun spent with fellow Buddhists, and the children are bound to love it!

Be prepared to get wet and dress accordingly since one of the traditions is to wash the blocked karma away from each person by dosing with water from a water gun, cup, bucket or just a hose. So bring an extra pair of clothes just in case and wrap your wallet in a plastic bag with a rubber band so that it does not get wet.

Hope to see everyone there!


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