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The Legend of Amitabha Buddha April 18, 2011

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Far away in the western direction, there is a beautiful country named the Land of Ultimate Bliss. It is the home of Amitabha Buddha, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva.

Why is it called the Land of Ultimate Bliss? It is because the people there enjoy infinite bliss. It is developed by Amitabha Buddha.

In one of His past lives, Amitabha Buddha was once a King named King Shi Rao. King Shi Rao regarded the World Emancipation Buddha (“Shi Jian Zi Zai Wang Ru Lai”) as His teacher. After the King had listened to the Buddha’s sermon of the Dharma, he decided to forego the throne and renounced his kingdom to be a monk.

The monastic name of King Shi Rao was Fa Zang Bhikkhu. One day, he told the Buddha, he wanted to build the most blissful and wonderful world.

Therefore, the Buddha used His supernatural power to present all the beautiful worlds in the universe for Fa Zang Bhikkhu’s reference.

Fa Zang Bhikkhu combined all the advantages of the worlds and made forty eight great vows to build the Land of Ultimate Bliss. Fa Zang has become the present Amitabha Buddha.

The ground of the Land of Ultimate Bliss is the most beautiful color that reflects the pure Buddha nature. It is a wondrous gold. The flowers and birds preach the Dharma and the place is filled with peaceful and harmonious sounds. Besides, there are also lotus ponds with beautiful lotus flowers. The people of the Land of Ultimate Bliss are all born from the lotus flowers. When they eat, they just need only to feel hungry and all kinds of food will appear before them.

Under the guidance of Amitabha Buddha, all its citizens stay in harmony and happiness. Any man or woman, old or young, will be in the Land of Ultimate Bliss as long as he or she does good deeds, speaks good words and thinks good thoughts, and recites the name of Amitabha Buddha.

We hope that everybody can go to the Land of Ultimate Bliss to be a good student of Amitabha Buddha and have a blissful and happy life.

copyrighted, Fo Guang Publications Sdn., Bhd.

(Please click on the image and print out your coloring sheet. )


2 Responses to “The Legend of Amitabha Buddha”

  1. Semsnyid Says:

    What a great colouring sheet! I see you have other ones by the same artist for Kwan Yin and Vesak. Where can I get more of these images?

    • memeandbojo Says:

      You are right. There are several different coloring books by the same artist. I have only included one image from a few of the coloring books for children around the world who may not have access to these books. The pages are beautifully illustrated throughout with so many coloring pages. These coloring books are available at your local Fo Guang Shan temple.

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