Guam Buddhist Sangha

American Humanistic Buddhism

Continued Meditation Practice March 27, 2011

Filed under: Calendar of Events,Calligraphy,Events,Meditation — memeandbojo @ 10:48 pm

(This is for all the people who have asked for sitting meditation classes and have asked what has happened to the calligraphy meditation class that was advertised for this month.)

Meditation classes at the temple sometimes are canceled at the last minute without notice. If a class is canceled unexpectedly, take the time and go into the calligraphy hall or meditation hall and do your meditation as you had planned independently during the scheduled time at the temple.

Sitting and calligraphy meditation practice can be achieved without a scheduled class. You are welcome to attend the temple any time except on Mondays to continue your meditation practice independently. As you walk into the temple, tell the volunteer at the front desk that you will be in the meditation hall or calligraphy hall and continue your practice of learning and exploring how to develop your mind.

(I will gradually update the calligraphy and sitting meditation pages to include material that is included in the classes so that you have everything that you need to work independently with or without a class at the temple.)


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