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Thursdays @ 7pm! English Dharma Study Group March 23, 2011

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On March 9th, Venerable Yi-Jih from our Main temple in Kaohsiung, Taiwan participated with the English Dharma Study group, and also gave a lecture with many delightful stories. If you missed attending, here is one of the stories that she shared with us:

(I have not included the story of the woman with only one eye since I am not sure of all the details in it. If anyone recalls it or another story, please leave a comment to this post.)

The Bag of Cookies: Once there was a lady who was having to go on a plane flight. She stopped in a store on her way in the airport and purchased a bag of cookies. When she arrived at her gate, she found that there was only a few seats available and had to sit by a man. She laid her bags at her feet. She took out a book and started to read and decided that she would grab her bag of cookies and eat them since she had become hungry. She got the bag of cookies and opened them and started to eat one. After she ate one, the man next to her reached in the bag and got a cookie too and ate it. She thought it was strange, but continued to read. She reached again for a cookie and took one out of the bag. As soon as she did, the man next to her, reached in the bag and got a cookie too. She looked at him indignantly thinking, “why is he eating my cookies! I didn’t tell him that he could have one!” She was beginning to get angry and decided that she would see if he would, again, eat one of her cookies if she ate one so she quickly reached in the bag and grabbed another one. The man reached in after her and grabbed one. He looked at her and smiled and ate the cookie as she ate hers. She was beyond angry. There was only one cookie left in the bag, and she waited to see if he would take it. The man hesitated and then reached in the bag and pulled out the last cookie. He then split the cookie and gave her half of it. She took the cookie and ate it looking at him with complete fury as he smiled at her and ate the other half of the cookie. Her flight number was called and she had to leave to catch the plane. She found her seat on the plane and got comfortable thinking at least she didn’t have to sit by the man who ate her cookies. She reached in her bag to get her book so she could continue reading it, and her hand touched on the bag of cookies that she had purchased. She pulled them out and looked in astonishment at the unopened bag of cookies. The man had all along been eating his cookies and never once said one word but happily shared his own cookies with her. As she looked out the plane’s window, she thought, “if I could have only been more like him.”


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