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Thursday, Mar. 9th: English Dharma Study Group March 9, 2011

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This Thursday night, March 9th, the visiting Venerable Yi-Jih from our Main temple in Kaohsiung, Taiwan will join us in the study of the book called The Rabbit’s Horn – A Commentary on the Platform Sutra.

Venerable Yi-Jih has a wealth of knowledge in Buddhism that she would like to share with us.  Let us all take advantage of this rare opportunity.  She was Abbess of Pu Hsien Buddhist Temple in Kaohsiung, Taiwan,  Abbess of Fu Shan Buddhist Temple, in Chang Hua, Taiwan, and Abbess of San Diego Buddhist Temple and FGS International Translation Center in California.  She is currently in the FGS International Buddhist Progress Section of the Main Temple in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  She is also a Buddhist teacher for the prisons in Taiwan.

Normally we share our meal before the study at 7PM but because of this rare opportunity let’s change it to 6:30pm to give us more time for study.  The meal time is still allotted for one hour but this way, we will have more time to ask questions to Venerable Yi-Jih.  We will meet at the same place:  Food Classic Restaurant on Rt 8 in Maite next to Day’s Inn.  Anyone who can not come to share the meal can come just for the study at 7:30pm.

-Amitofo Susan


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