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Thursdays: English Dharma Study Group February 7, 2011

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Everyone is welcomed to join us on Thursday nights around 7pm for the English Dharma study group. We meet at the Classic Diner on Route 8 next to the Day’s Inn.

Our study in the New Year begins with the book about the Platform Sutra titled: The Rabbit’s Horn, with commentary by Venerable Master Hsing Yun. If you are interested in Ch’an thought, this sutra along with Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s explanation of it will allow you to come away with a better understanding of it.

Here is a sample piece of text from the book, The Platform Sutra, Prajna Chapter: “The Dharma is within the world,/Apart from this world there is no awakening/Seeking bodhi apart from the world/Is like looking for a rabbit’s horn.”

We meet each week on Thursday around 7pm in the restaurant, have a special vegetarian dinner prepared by the restaurant especially for the group which ranges in price from $10-15 depending on the number of people and than around 8pm begin our study of Buddhism with breaks for comments and interpretations. If you are just interested in the study and do not wish to attend the meal, you can come around 8pm. Books are always provided and if you would like a copy to continue reading at home, The Rabbit’s Horn can be purchased from the temple’s bookstore or checked out in the temple’s library.

We hope to see you there!


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