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FAQ: What is Dun Huang Dancing About? January 19, 2011

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The Dun Huang Dancers from Taiwan visit Guam usually every year. The name “Dun Huang” is taken from a city located on the ancient Silk Road. Within that city, inside a cave is a collection of Buddhist mural paintings and sculptures created over a thousand years ago. The Dun Huang dance is inspired by the postures of Bodhisattvas found in those cave paintings. Each dancer is seen as a Bodhisattva that protects the Buddha.

The Dun Huang dance is an actual performing art meditation. This art allows the audience to visually be able to be a part of the meditation by simply observing the performance. The dancers heart and mind follow the breath with the movements being in complete harmony with the body’s internal energy. The hand and finger movements modeled from the cave paintings and perfected in the choreography, incorporates the steady flow of Chi. Each dancer is pure positive energy radiating out towards the audience, and the ideal dance is the one that brings the realization that the Buddha pure land is in the here and now.


2 Responses to “FAQ: What is Dun Huang Dancing About?”

  1. asonger316 Says:

    How do I join the community of being a Buddhist?

    • memeandbojo Says:

      The Chinese temple has a service each Sunday usually around 10am. It is in Chinese but there are English translations available as you walk through the main hall or you can ask someone where the English translations are so that you can follow along. Usually it is easier to just listen to it as a chant since the Chinese goes really fast. At the end of the service, if the Venerable speaks, we usually receive a pair of earplugs with a cassette player where we can listen to Benny translate what the Venerable says in English. Afterwards, around 12 noon, there is a vegetarian meal in the dining hall downstairs where you can enjoy a meal and talk with many other practitioners.

      Most of the English speakers participate in an English Dharma study group which is offered on Thursday nights starting around 7pm at the Classic Diner on Route 8 next to the Day’s Inn. We meet around 7pm in the restaurant, have a nice vegetarian dinner together and than around 8pm begin our study of Buddhism with breaks for comments and interpretations. If you are just interested in the study and want to forgo the meal, you can come around 8pm. Books are always provided and if you would like a copy to continue reading at home, most can be purchased from the temple’s bookstore or checked out in the temple’s library. We will just be beginning a new book which is the study of the Platform Sutra next Thursday night so it is perfect timing.

      If you can, this Sunday, stop by the temple and request to speak to Benny, Brian or Randy. They are members of the English study group and would be more than happy to show you around the temple and introduce you to everyone in our Sangha, and give you more details regarding the English Dharma Study group on Thursday.

      Again welcome to the Sangha! and we look forward to meeting you.

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