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Sunday, Oct. 17: Calligraphy Workshop October 14, 2010

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A Calligraphy Mediation class begins this Sunday, October 17th, at the temple and will continue each Saturday this month and next month on 10/23, 10/29, 11/06, 11/13, 11/20, 11/27 at 9:30am. Calligraphy and copying sutras is another type of meditation to help us become more concentrated, and settled in our minds. It is the one type of meditation that brings me a few moments of peace and tranquility in my mind where my breath is evenly paced with the brush strokes.

The Venerable will be teaching the workshop, and we hope everyone will take the time to attend.

You can print out the below image by clicking on it and selecting print from your toolbar. It is a registration form for the Calligraphy classes and you can bring it with you when you arrive or one can be provided for you at the temple if you would like to study Calligraphy. Please try out the preview class this Sunday and experience it to see if it is the type of meditation that works the best for your mind and your body.


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