Guam Buddhist Sangha

American Humanistic Buddhism

Week of October 5-10th October 5, 2010

Filed under: Dharma Study Group,Events — memeandbojo @ 12:40 am

This is to let everyone know that many members of our Thursday English Dharma Study group are off island. I anticipate everyone to be back on island next week so we can continue our studies on the Dhammapada together.

I would suggest to everyone in our English Dharma study group that this week might be a great week to just meditate for that select time either in front of your altar or with your eyes closed on a pillow. Relax and breathe and remember to release all the stresses that have come in your life during the week. You might even enjoy taking around thirty minutes and just repeating your mantra on your mala. Allow this Thursday to be reserved as your time for Dharma Study no matter where you are.

On Sunday, there will be a Gratitude of Dharma service at the temple starting at 10:30am. Remember that a vegetarian luncheon is provided after the services and do bring your own tableware (chopsticks, fork, bowl, cup, etc.) so that we can cut down on the wasteful disposals and be a little more GREEN. The temple gift shop sometimes stocks a convenient set of two covered dining bowls that are easy to place in your bag. If these are not available, please just bring some easy to carry dishware of your own to eat lunch with everyone at the temple.

Allow this week to surprise you with the beauty of each moment.


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