Guam Buddhist Sangha

American Humanistic Buddhism

Section 2: One Hundred Tasks for Life July 1, 2010

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On Establishing One’s Persona

  • Life becomes valuable when you allow others to take advantage of your abilities. Leave history behind by learning to live life genuinely.
  • One must not be unaware of the law of causes, conditions and effects. One must not be unclear between failure and success, fortune and misfortune.
  • Develop right understanding and right views, do not simply repeat what others have said and be led blindly by others.
  • Establish self-confidence, self-expectation, and personal goals.
  • Obtain at least three kinds of licenses throughout your life. For example, driving, cooking, typing, medical practice, nursing, teaching, law practice and architecture licenses and so on.
  • Learn to be articulate in speaking and writing; learn to listen, appreciate, think, sing, paint or be skillful at certain things. The more you learn, the better; otherwise, learn at least half of the above.
  • Whatever role you play, play it well; never look otherwise.
  • Do not be greedy for others’ possessions, nor be stingy with your own wealth. When you work diligently, the right conditions shall fall into place. However, there is many a slip between cup and lip, laziness and sluggishness can also cause what is readily yours to fly away.
  • Be sharp in your observations, consider all angles, and be tolerant and encompassing of others. Furthermore, welcome new thinking, new ideas, new concepts and new styles. In particular, allow sequential thinking so as to increase the depth of your thoughts.
  • Frequently share your joy, compassion, glory and success with others.
  • Do not gossip, spread, fuss over, or be influenced by gossip.
  • Learn to discipline yourself, awaken yourself and enlighten yourself. Perseverance, determination, optimism, diligence, and willingness to give and develop connections with others will lead to a bright future.
  • Control your emotion and temper, and never be manipulated by them. Govern your behavior with your senses, because while emotions only arise temporarily, life will last for as long as you live.
  • Plan and use your time wisely, never squander your time and let it pass in vain.
  • Strive for your goals and soar far and high. Never cling to the past, look in your present and live in your moment instead.
  • Do not always ask others for help; find help from within instead. By setting a good example with your own conduct, you can determine the outcome of your efforts.
  • Find joy and happiness in doing what you do for a living, then progress to spread that joy and happiness to others.
  • Anger cannot help you solve problems; only a peaceful and calm mind can help you deal with life.
  • One would rather be un-intelligent than be unreasonable. One would rather be poor than to be non-compassionate.
  • Be active and fearless. Think before you act.
  • There is no absolute difficulty or ease. Diligence turns the difficult into the easy, while sloth makes the easy, difficult.
  • Forget selfish thoughts and dedicate yourself to justice, truth, fairness and the common good.
  • Find the wisdom and strength to resist worldly temptations such as wealth, sexual love, fame and food. In particular, do not handle official business with personal emotions. Instead, one should make decisions based on morality, justice and fairness.

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