Guam Buddhist Sangha

American Humanistic Buddhism

Section 3: One Hundred Tasks for Life June 29, 2010

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On Dealing with the World

  • Think of others first when it comes to benefits. Never betray others for your own gains.
  • Speak neither of your own merits nor others faults. Everything in this world is as transient and ephemeral as a fleeting cloud.
  • Be concerned only with right or wrong, not gains or losses, because right and wrong are determined by a set law, while gains and losses are determined by selfishness.
  • Do not violate others’ rights for your own benefits. Even giving others an advantage may sometimes be necessary.
  • Do not find satisfaction by ridiculing others; instead, learn to give joy and praise to others, and win their recognition.
  • Do not attack others out of jealousy of their goodness. Respect, follow and rejoice in their good examples.
  • Plan your career well, use your money wisely, purify your feelings effectively, and remain unattached to fame and fortune.
  • Feel at ease under all circumstances, live by following the right conditions, feel carefree at all times, and do everything with a joyful heart.
  • Fame and defamation are a natural part of life. Remain unattached to them and always maintain inner peace.
  • Be honest and kind, and always give others space to retreat, as one day they may be of help to you. This is also to reserve future potentials.
  • Do not forget your initial determination, nor cling to old grudges against a friend. Be an uninvited helper to achieve goodness, and remain unmoved by society while following the right conditions.
  • Cultivate the strength of tolerance in order to understand, accept, take responsibility of, resolve and ameliorate external circumstances. Then progress to cultivate tolerance for life, tolerance for all dharmas, and tolerance for non-arising dharmas so as to turn the cultivation of tolerance into strength and wisdom.

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