Guam Buddhist Sangha

American Humanistic Buddhism

Section 5: One Hundred Tasks for Life June 25, 2010

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On Sincerity

  • Do not be jealous of those who have done good deeds, spoken kind words or are respected by others. Instead be determined to follow their examples.
  • Be thankful to the kindhearted, be grateful to the helpful, and be touched by acts of virtue.
  • Frequently do something which touches people’s hearts, and also allow yourself to be touched by the kindness of others.
  • Learn to accept disadvantages, false accusations, setbacks, and humiliation, and then you will be ready to accept glory.
  • Subject yourself to ascetic trainings to strengthen yourself in life, even ten years of it is not too much.
  • Set your mind on one of three lifetime role models and resolve to follow their examples.
  • It is necessary to be friends with virtuous ones in life. When you encounter virtuous teachers, be sure to stay close to them, be loyal and never disobey them.
  • Relinquish unreasonable attachments, and accept the truth with a humble mind. Only humility brings good, while arrogance causes nothing but unfavorable outcomes.
  • Discover your greatest shortcoming, be willing to correct it, and put your vow into thorough practice.
  • The ability to admit your faults is the greatest virtue. It is also the greatest courage of all.
  • Remember what wrong you have done, constantly remind yourself of it, and never make the same mistake again.
  • Self-reflect before you blame others for their mistakes, for only a fair assessment of your merits and faults gives you the right to judge others.
  • Cherish life, care for life, respect life, and never hurt life.
  • Do not be blinded by love; do not betray yourself for money.
  • Learn to accept disadvantages and even teach yourself that they are actually advantages.

(Remember to keep count of your “checks” for each section.)


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