Guam Buddhist Sangha

American Humanistic Buddhism

Section 6: One Hundred Tasks of Life June 24, 2010

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On Spiritual Cultivation

  • Meditate for at least five minutes or read a prayer from Beads of Pearl: Prayers for Engaged Living everyday.
  • Spend at least half a day in solitude once a week for self reflection. Be a vegetarian at least one day every month to nurture your heart of compassion.
  • Practice the three acts of goodness everyday; do good things, say good words, and think good thoughts.
  • Observe the seven virtues in your daily life; no drugs, no pornography, no violence, no stealing, no gambling, no alcohol, and no harsh speech.
  • Have deep faith in the dharma and constantly contemplate all virtues. Refrain from doing anything unwholesome, and practice all good.
  • Always keep the promises that you have made, because a promise cannot be taken back once given.
  • Think of what is good and beautiful instead of what is sad and sorrowful. Turn your mind into a factory that produces nothing but good.
  • Always have sympathy and pray for unfortunate ones no matter where you are.
  • The ability to give brings true wealth: the ability to give brings true gain.
  • Cultivate merits by giving according to what your ability, role, willingness, and condition allows.
  • Organ donation helps prolong life and also offers a new life to waste-material.
  • Do not be suspicious or jealous of others. Merit comes from helping others fulfill their goals, as well as, treating others with kindness.
  • Do not cling to gains and losses; do not compare with others with what you have or have not.
  • Never infect others with your own sadness, and never bring your worries to bed.
  • Learn to improve your mind, reform your character, turn around, and make necessary u-turns in life.
  • Be consistent in your behavior and understanding. Do not be enlightened in theory but ignorant in practice.

Note: A nonhuman refers to one who neglects the kind intention of other people’s words, one who does not express joy when required, and one who does not smile when necessary.


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