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Potluck! April 7, 2010

Filed under: Events — memeandbojo @ 6:37 am

We all had a wonderful time at the potluck! There was so much food, and everyone enjoyed being around all the Venerables in a relaxed atmosphere.

The picture is a gift that I received from one of the visiting Venerables. Each of us attending the potluck were able to randomly select one from her hand. If you attended the potluck, comment on this post and let everyone know what your gift said. Each quote is written by Master Hsing Yun.

The one that I received on the back says, “Right thinking is more important than health. A good heart is more important than knowledge.”

I will include another post later tonight that tells everyone about the lectures. We were extremely fortunate to receive a total of four lectures instead of one. Each Venerable gave a lecture with an introduction. I will try and remember all the details and write them so that those of you who were not able to attend will not miss the teaching.

It was a very wonderful night had by all. We wish you all could have been there. Thank you to each of you who attended and made it extra special!


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