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April 6th Potluck & Lecture at the Temple! April 3, 2010

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I was able to talk with Linda tonight and she confirmed it with our Venerable that the potluck is scheduled for 5:30 (setup) and eat around 5:45-6pm on Tuesday. After the potluck dinner is the lecture at 7pm. So bring your best dish, (vegetarian please since no meat is allowed in the temple), for the potluck since we have four Venerables who probably have never experienced a potluck, and since Guam is noted for its potluck and fiestas, this will give the Venerables a small sample of the spirit that we have come to know living here in Guam. Let’s give them a wonderful farewell party with lots of good food so bring a dish that you especially love to share with others!

If you do not wish to attend the potluck, please attend the lecture. It will be given in Chinese along with English. Venerable Yi Jih speaks excellent English, as well as, Chinese. She grew up in Taiwan and has lived in several large cities in the United States, mostly in the Western states. Her home currently is in the Fo Guang Shan Temple in Taiwan. She looks forward to meeting you at the lecture and hopes that each of you can also come and visit her at the temple in Taiwan.

You will not want to miss her lecture. She is in charge of the translation department of Fo Guang Shan Temple, and has translated several of Master Venerable Hsing Yun’s books and in the book that we just finished, Buddhism: Pure and Simple, she assisted Tom Graham in the interview with Master Hsing Yun. So I am sure this lecture will be inspiring and helpful in our practice of Buddhism. So plan at least to attend the lecture if you cannot attend the potluck. Venerable Yi Jih will also be available for questions after the lecture! So if you have a question that you have always wanted answered about Buddhism, Tuesday is the day to present the question for your answer.


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