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English Dharma Study Group March 25, 2010

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The English Dharma Study Group meets every Thursday at 7pm. (There is also a Chinese Dharma Study Group that meets the same place, same time but different day, Wednesday.) We can be found in the Classic Food Restaurant next to the Day’s Inn. At 7pm, we share a vegetarian dinner together which ranges in price from $10-15 per person. The meal includes hot tea, a soup along with usually three different main dishes. The restaurant prepares this meal especially for the Dharma Group each week and it is not available on the regular menu so it is always a wonderful surprise. If you do not wish to eat dinner, the study begins around 8-8:30pm. Please join us anytime.

We completed the book, Buddhism: Pure and Simple, the previous week. This week, we will be beginning two new books: Verses of the Buddha’s Teachings (Dhammapada) translated from the Pali by Ven. Khantipalo Thera and Ven. Susanna Samaneri and Only a Great Rain (A Guide to Buddhist Meditation) by Master Hsing Yun.

We will study a couple verses each class and read/discuss, as well as, read from the second book. We will be studying two books at the same time since many of us are attending the Meditation class given by the Venerable each Saturday at 2pm and Master Hsing Yun’s book is superior in giving an understanding of Chinese Meditation. (If you are interested in Meditation also, plan to join us each Saturday at 2pm in the Meditation Room at the Fo Guang Shan Temple. Your mind and body will both thank you!)

Books or copies of the books will be available for each person at the study group if you do not have a copy.  You can purchase  books still from the bookstore located in the Chinese Temple if you are interested in studying and reading it at home, or you can order them from Amazon.

We hope you can attend Thursday for a delightful evening shared with good food, good people and good dharma.


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